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Come to MAG Game Day and our
End of the Semester Party!

We'll be at the Manoa Academy of Gaming (MAG) Game Day, and you can join us at our party after for our open game room, <$20 secret santa, and Vocaluxe karaoke!

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Thursday Showings
have been picked!
Join us and watch Wotakoi, Cells at Work!, Darling in the Franxx,
Recovery of an MMO Junkie, and Violet Evergarden
Hang out with us on Thursdays and Fridays for anime showings and games!

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We are an open community of people who love to watch Japanese anime, read manga, have an interest in gaming, cosplay, Japanese culture, western comics/animation, or anything related.


A lot of this.

During the spring, fall, and summer semesters, we have our weekly meetings, during which we watch anime, play games, or just hang out in general. We also have holiday parties, interact with local conventions such as KawaiiKon and NEET Honolulu, and host other related events.

This semester, we have our weekly anime showings on Thursdays, and Fridays are our open showings/game days.


Our Spring and Fall semester meetings are usually on Thursday and Friday weekly (just Fridays during the summer), from 4:30pm to 7:00pm (except holidays and special events).

FALL 2018 Meetings are in Kuykendall Hall 210.

See our Facebook group/page, or calendar for details.


Want to join us? Simply sign up here, and show up to any of our meetings!

We welcome anyone and everyone who’s interested, as long as they abide by the AMS Club Constitution. Club membership dues are optional– you can always sit and watch with us (but they do give you things, like the ability to pick showings and AMS KawaiiKon passes 😉 ). For more information, see
Club Membership and Dues.

To keep up to date with us, check out the links below. We post most information about meetings and events on our AMS page. We do the same on our GROUP page, but it also lets you participate in the polls that nominate our showings. Lastly, we have our CHATTER group for general, random discussion.

If you don’t use Facebook, you can email ams@hawaii.edu and ask to join our mailing list.